‘Eat Fast Die Young’

This semester in my BDVA studio class I was required to create two bodies of work. One of these could be based on anything I wanted, but it had to be using ambient light. I decided to look into the fast food industry, triggered by Michelle Obama’s ‘Food Deserts’ theory. I’m appalled at the way fast food spreads like the plague. We let new fast food chains and outlets open in New Zealand, after watching and learning nothing from the epidemic proportions of American citizens suffering poor health due to eating this food.

My original plan was to photograph and map cluster areas of fast food outlets. This proved to be aesthetically unfulfilling to me. So on a tip off from my tutor Edith, I took a drive out to Papatoetoe in Auckland to search for meal deals.

Did you know you can get a full tummy of fried fatty food for around $5 there? Takeaway after takeaway was pimping this stuff by the truckload. I was intrigued by the home made signage, which had no care taken of it- often sporting squashed bugs for some reason. If this is how they treat their signage, the representation of their lively-hood, then they certainly don’t care about the health of their customers.

I also noticed the bright colours used in the signage which tend to attract children. Some fast food outlets were even within stones throw of a school.

I am hoping to create more discussion around the topic by showing the harmful elements together in my submission. The high fat, sugar and salt content of the food, combined with location of outlets and their enticing advertising are a recipe for health disaster.

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